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Welcome To Party It Up Events
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About Owner and DJ Keith, Keith Glenn
Since he got his first drumset as a kid at the age of 8, he's been hooked on music.  He spent many days spinning the great record albums of Elton John and Pink Floyd. Keith remembers his first CD's, Vanilla Ice, Sir Mix a Lot and MC Hammer.  Real classics.  He also set out to be a grunge rocker through the 90's with influences like Nirvana and Pearl Jam. Bob Marley was a major idol and he used his music as medicine through his teen years. On top of all of this, Keith landed a gig in a local heavy metal band covering bands like Megadeth, Black Sabbath and Metallica.  Believe it or not, despite all of this, he is still quite the introvert.  Although he does enjoy traveling, he likes to stay close to home and spend time with his family.  Keith first ventured into the entertainment industry after singing karaoke at the local bars.  He was approached for a job as a Karaoke host and was hired on the spot.  He then went on to try DJing a couple nights and it went really well.  He then set off to work with a local special event company called Living Energy.  They are no longer in the this local area, but he gained experience there that many will never gain in their lifetime. He also booked his first wedding without any formal training and got a referral right off the bat.  16 years later and all 5 star reviews, It's all history from here!
"For 16 years clients have been leaving rave reviews.  I am so proud that we are able to bring this kind of joy to peoples lives." -Keith  
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